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Scrap Registration

Scrap Registration

All documents listed below can be submitted in electronic format (by e-mail). The validity of certificates is 3 months:

  1. Application Form duly filled-in, signed & stamped
  2. Copy of Bill of Sale, duly notarized
  3. Copy of Deletion Certificate or Non-Encumbrance Certificate from vessel’s existing Flag
  4. Copy of updated Good Standing Certificate of the Owning Company
  5. Copy of Confirmation Letter from the vessel’s Classification Society
  6. Copy of Confirmation Letter from Radio Traffic Accounting Authority (all accounting authorities included in the corresponding list of the ITU are authorized by Comoros)
  7. Copies of vessel’s existing Certificates of Registry (Certificate of Registry, Ship Station License, Minimum Safe Manning)
  8. Copy of vessel’s existing International Tonnage Certificate (ITC’69)


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